The Compass School

The difference we experience from Grant McGregor is the personal touch – being able to deal with the same people on a day-to-day basis. People who know us and have made an effort to get to know us, not just as an organisation, but as individuals and how we work.

There’s an absolute commitment to resolve an issue when it arises, never any question of being fobbed-off. Grant McGregor are always attentive, always keen to follow-up and check that everything has been properly resolved. But also to sit down with us and be a sounding board for our ideas and whether they’re the right way forward – that makes for a fantastic relationship.

They have also shown a real understanding – rather than simply trying to apply a system to us and saying ‘this is the way to go’. They’ve actually listened and taken on board the way we want to work and the way we operate – they’ve made very good recommendations and suggestions about that. And they also feel part of our organisation. It feels like Grant McGregor are part of our team as if we have our own technicians sitting in another part of the building that we can go to and ask for help.

Rather than just maintain our systems, there have always been very good recommendations as to how we move forward in the future. It’s great to have that confidence knowing that our needs are being met not just now but also being considered for the future as well.

Probably for the first time in many years, we feel we’re not running to catch-up but we’re actually where we’d like to be and looking forward to the future.

I would very much recommend them. We’re very, very comfortable with the service provided, the value-for-money that it provides and indeed the way Grant McGregor are integral to our IT planning for the future.