Universities Scotland

Universities Scotland had an external IT Support provider but they closed their business, presenting us with the opportunity to reassess our needs and compare the services of other external providers. We asked for recommendations from colleagues in the sector and started looking on the internet for comparisons.

The comprehensive service that Grant McGregor offered was a good fit for our needs. When Jon Towers met with us he was very forthcoming in our initial meetings, honest and clear about what Grant McGregor could provide and what we could expect from them if they were delivering our IT support. There was also a clear indication of costs and also what they would need from us in order to deliver the best IT service possible.

We felt that the relationship we could build with Grant McGregor would be one of trust and mutual respect and this has proven to be the case.  Within 12 months the Grant McGregor team has helped us to put in place a more robust disaster recovery system, email spam filtering and service continuity, better planning for our IT requirements and a more comprehensive strategic IT overview. They have also helped us plan and smoothly execute a major office move and we used them successfully as project managers for the broad ICT elements of this.

I consider the ëpeople firstí approach to be one of Grant McGregor’s major strengths, as well as the strategic IT guidance and expertise they offer. Combined, these aspects differentiate them from many of the other providers we reviewed. Itís true that you have to pay a little extra for these services but itís worth it and our experience so far is that itís been truly good value.  They’re also straight talking, thank heavens! None of our team are ‘techies’ so we rely on our IT providers to liaise with us in language we can understand – and occasionally to cope with requests to sort out ‘thingamies that plug into whatsits’ that have stopped working.

They always keep their promises to us and we would happily recommend them to others.  The Grant McGregor people have been a breath of fresh air! Itís great having a team of IT specialists available whenever you need them to be and their advice and experience on strategic IT planning has been hugely helpful. They have always provided effective, reliable support and have been an open, friendly, well informed sounding board for discussions about our present and future IT requirements. A successful, locally run small business who are a pleasure to work with.