When we first contacted Grant McGregor it was to have a basic look at what we had and how we could improve certain areas.  The larger project came along later.  We had previously outsourced IT but were regularly left hanging around because our provider could not fit us in. We had too many amateurs attempting to provide solutions which in some cases just created more problems.  Everyone was doing their own thing which also caused issues..  Since we started working with Grant McGregor last year, everyone is now much more relaxed when something goes wrong with IT as we know that it will be sorted quickly and efficiently. IT access controls and general health of the IT has improved immensely.

The best aspects of Grant McGregor’s service is, firstly, their response times to our IT issues and to actually resolve them is excellent this was a real issue for us in the past.  Secondly, no less important, everyone on their team has been an absolute pleasure to deal with. No one speaks in “techy” terms which makes it easier for everyone in our company to easily discuss any IT issues they may have.

We moved office last year as part of our growth and they really helped with IT consultancy, advice and project management services in the lead up to and during our office move.  Without a doubt, this major move went fantastically well.  Everything is running smoothly and this makes a huge difference to our working day.  There are no concerns on our part that anything was suggested that we did not need or require.  Everything was explained fully and carried out without a fault.

As part of their project management role, Grant McGregor also interfaced with the various 3rd parties involved in this move.  The fact there was minimum input from us shows just how successful this move was.  Whilst we know there was a lot of behind the scenes dealings with 3rd parties, we were kept in the loop sufficiently but not dragged in at every decision. We were also introduced to other sources which improved our telecoms and printing for example.  And the external contacts recommended by Grant McGregor have all been very professional and resourceful.

From Director-level down to technician, we’ve found that all the people at Grant McGregor keep their promises and deliver great value for money.  There is no hanging around without access to our systems which means that every minute is productive for us.  We would certainly recommend Grant McGregor to anyone.  Whether it is for a big project like our office move or for an initial overview of a company’s IT requirements without commitment.  After years of dreading any problems occurring with our IT we now feel we are in safe hands and that nothing is unfixable.  This gives us great peace of mind. That in itself, for any business regardless of size, can only be a bonus.