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The new security threats

February 12 2020

As 2020 gets well underway, the Grant McGregor team is taking the opportunity to ask: what are the security threats we need to be aware of now?

Here’s our take on the security issues you should be thinking about in 2020.


Quick Guide to Office 365 Security Monitoring

February 03 2020

For many organisations, Office 365 is their first foray into the world of cloud. That brings unique advantages – but unique challenges too.

In this article, the Grant McGregor team talks you through the essentials of Office 365 security.


How Phishing Got Social

January 27 2020

There’s a new attack vector in town: social media. Social is currently the fastest-growing type of phishing attack.

Here’s what you need to know.


Unhappy new data breach!

January 20 2020

The new year was barely hours old, when news started leaking about a troubling new data breach – the result of a ransomware attack on a major currency exchange business.


How much should IT support cost?

January 13 2020

The old maxim that “you get what you pay for” is true in so many service professions.

While it might be less obvious in terms of IT support, it’s likely to be a much more critical relationship for your business.


Predictions 2020

December 30 2019

At this time of year, it’s traditional to reflect on the year that’s been and think about the year ahead. What can we do better in 2020? And what does the year have in store for us?

Here are some of the Grant McGregor team’s predictions for 2020.


How to be a savvy web user this festive season

December 20 2019

With fraudsters looking to take advantage of online shoppers by creating fake websites and selling counterfeit goods, the best way to avoid getting caught out is to be a savvy internet user! Here we have provided a guide on how to stay safe online over the festive period.