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Everyone Begins Cyber Essentials from a Different Starting Point

October 08 2018

We discussed in a recent article that there are many reasons to undertake the UK Government’s Cyber Essentials certification. Yet we have noticed some resistance within a few organisations when it comes to pursuing the certification, thinking “it’s too basic for us” or “we’re already doing all the essentials”.

However, we know that just because you have implemented good security processes, this doesn’t mean your organisation can’t benefit from following the certification process.

Everyone begins their Cyber Essentials certification process from a different starting point – but that’s what makes the scheme so important…


Weighing in on Microsoft’s New Office 365 Subscription Model

October 01 2018

Despite consumers calling out planned obsolescence in the technology industry, companies are still graduating towards the subscription model for the simple fact that it works. When it comes to tech, it pays to charge monthly if the product is of good quality.

And perhaps with retaining customers in mind, Microsoft recently announced that it was launching the new Office 365 for Business, Home and Students, now available on a rolling monthly subscription.

So, is it worth it?


How to ensure the success of your disaster recovery and business continuity plans

September 25 2018

The disaster recovery and business continuity expectations of senior business leaders are changing – how can IT managers respond to ensure the success of their disaster recovery and business continuity plans?

This blog outlines key ways to look at how to respond to this challenge and ensure the success of your disaster recovery and business continuity plans.


What NOT to do when you lose your mobile device

September 17 2018

We rely so much on our smartphones these days, losing our phone or device (or having it stolen) would seem like a real crisis wouldn’t it?

So let’s walk through what NOT to do, as well as what you should do if you find yourself in this situation…


How Do You Stop a Phishing Attack?

September 03 2018

People are often the weakest link of any security infrastructure.

Which means the best line of defence when it comes to preventing phishing attacks or other people-focused exploits is to ensure staff are aware of the risks.


What is the Difference between Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity?

August 27 2018

What do businesses need to know when making plans for disaster recovery and business continuity? In many respects, making the distinction between disaster recovery and business continuity is something of a contrivance. The two are intrinsically linked.

We explain the difference between the terms and why there is considerable overlap between the two…


Productivity apps for small businesses

August 22 2018

The app store abounds with apps of all kinds and picking the ones that are right for your business can be a challenge. Productivity apps can range from specific productivity-oriented solutions designed to engender better inter-team working and process improvements through to specific task automation that can help to increase productivity in a particular business unit or activity.

In this article, we will run through some of the most popular apps to help small businesses improve their productivity…


Staff Training: Your First Line of Defence in IT Security

August 13 2018

Staff training has a key role to play in any cyber security and information management strategy. In any cyber security plan, there are several key aspects of staff training that must be considered.

So how do you begin to plan what needs to be done?


GDPR: the aftermath

August 06 2018

It’s now a little over two months since GDPR came into force. The aftermath has been marked with a deafening silence about data integrity, security and privacy.

So what have we learnt since then?