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Fed Up of Hearing About GDPR?

February 19 2018

It seems like you can’t read a marketing or IT blog lately without stumbling over a reference to GDPR. Yet how many of us really understand the requirements of the regulation? And, more importantly, how many of us are acting on them?


Could Social Media Be Your Security Weak Spot?

February 12 2018

Social Media is so much a part of our lives these days, both personally and in business.

But our easy acceptance of it and willingness to upload information about our lives creates potential for hackers and phishing attackers to exploit the information we share. How should businesses protect themselves?


6 Things You Can Do This Year to Boost Your IT Performance in 2018

February 07 2018

Information technology has delivered huge boons to businesses in terms of efficiency, productivity and improved practices and record keeping.

As the new year gets underway, we consider six things you could do in 2018 to help maximise technology’s benefits and meet its challenges – so you can boost your performance in 2018…


Supporting Work Life Balance Through Technology

January 08 2018

Organisations in the UK have a legal obligation to consider employee requests to work flexibly. Yet beyond this requirement, many businesses now realise that work life balance attracts better talent, and also helps rather than hinders productivity.

We take a look at how you can offer flexible working through technology securely…


New Year… New IT Partner?

January 01 2018

Technology isn’t the starting point for many small businesses and start-ups – unless technology is your business. In a typical small but growing business, your focus is necessarily on the customer and the product or service you are delivering.

So, how can small business owners recognise the signs that help is required? Or if you’ve already handed over the management of your IT to a third party, how do you know whether they are delivering the best service and value for money?


Our IT Predictions for 2018

December 22 2017

What has 2018 got in store for the small business manager in terms of IT?

Grant McGregor gazes into the crystal ball to give you the heads up…


Should You Be Using Microsoft Teams?

December 18 2017

Office 365 offers huge benefits to SMBs in terms of simplifying and saving on essential IT services. However, in many businesses, it isn’t being used to its full potential.

In this blog, we take a look at Microsoft Teams, a key element of Office 365, and ask: should you be using Microsoft Teams?