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Your IT perimeter: where is it and how do you best defend it?

June 12 2017

An organisation’s IT perimeter used to be easy to identify but gone are the days when the limits of your security cordon were the walls of the datacentre. The changing nature of technology and the way we consume it means today, the location of our IT perimeters is a far more complex notion…


Is the Password Still Relevant to Control Identity and Access to Your IT Systems and Data?

June 05 2017

A lot of people believe that the password is an invention of the age of computing, a necessary part of securing IT systems from hackers and other malevolent forces. Many companies have employees who use the same passwords for various areas, meaning that a company-wide data loss or theft is one tiny breach away. This raises the question, is the password still relevant to control identity and access your IT systems and data?


Empowering Employees Through Mobilisation

May 29 2017

The traditional employment model of jobs for life and a 9-5, Mon-Fri has undergone a major shake-up over the last couple of decades. The modern employer who understands this reciprocal relationship is empowering their employees by mobilising them from a technology perspective. Advances in technology have provided the springboard for mobilisation in a number of ways and we are going to look at some examples…


Is Your Disaster Recovery Plan & Process Up to Scratch?

May 22 2017

In recent years, the IT landscape has been transformed by digitalisation, Cloud, social and mobile – probably with significant impact on what a business-critical system looks like and what constitutes an IT disaster for your business.
So, how regularly do you review your current disaster recovery and business continuity plans? (If you truly have one) And how can you be sure your disaster recovery provision is up to scratch?


How to Protect Your Business Against Cyber-Attacks and Data Theft

May 15 2017

Wow! Quite a weekend of news around Cyber Security…
This was an article we had written a couple of weeks ago now and had scheduled for publication today just for the sake of offering our readers and supported end-users ongoing education about cyber security and playing your part…However, events since Friday and over the weekend have heightened the public sense of vulnerability to Cyber ‘attacks’ and the need for an ongoing program of measures and counter-measures to combat the evolving cyber threats. Find out how you can better protect yourself here…


3 Ways a Small & Medium Business (SMB) Can Benefit From YouTube Content Marketing

May 08 2017

It is not uncommon for SMBs to find themselves swallowed amongst the mass of business across their diverse market. So, in today’s market your content marketing strategy needs to be somewhat unique in order to get your brand out there. For the astute SMB, there is no better option than YouTube content marketing. Read this article for the top three ways that SMBs can benefit from YouTube content marketing…


Support for Windows Vista Comes To An End

April 24 2017

On April 11th 2017, Microsoft officially ended support for Vista, meaning they will no longer be releasing security updates, patches or technical support for it. Therefore if your business computers are still running Windows Vista then now is the time to upgrade to a more recent version.