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Protect Your Business from Insider Attacks

October 16 2017

When we discuss cyber-attacks it often refers to those that come from the outside, however, the reality is that insider attacks can be just as disruptive to both business operations, and organisational reputation.

Insider attacks typically lead to corporate data breaches and identifying high risk employees first, and then strategies to reduce the risk, are both important…


Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Results to date – how do you rate us?

October 05 2017

At Grant McGregor, we have some important company values to ensure a great company culture for our people and so that they deliver a superb level of service to our customers.

As a result, earlier this summer we implemented a new system for garnering Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) feedback…


Two Thirds of UK Firms Hiring for GDPR – What are you doing?

October 02 2017

GDPR comes into effect on 25th May 2018 and will have huge implications for the way organisations manage their data – and the staff they are recruiting.

A recent survey published in Computer Weekly has found that 64% of CIOs plan on hiring temporary or interim staff to manage the changes in data management and reporting that GDPR is bringing…


Staff Training: Your First Line of Defence in IT Security

September 18 2017

Staff training has a key role to play in any cyber security and information management strategy. In any cyber security plan, there are several key aspects of staff training that must be considered.

So how do you begin to plan what needs to be done?


4 Benefits of Microsoft SharePoint – What is it and is it relevant to your business or organisation?

September 04 2017

Microsoft SharePoint allows organisations to create websites as part of the Microsoft Office 365 service.

It enables them to use it as a secure place to store, organise, share and access any information from a whole range of devices. It can be accessed online via any common web browser, and has several different types or products and services available.

Let’s examine them…


The Impending SME Security Crisis

August 28 2017

The brutal fact is most small businesses are not spending enough time or money on cyber security – leaving them exposed to ransomware, severe regulatory fines, reputational damage and lost business opportunities.
The vast majority who say cyber security is very low priority, were small and micro businesses.

So why are small companies failing to address the subject of cyber security?


Cloud 101: SaaS, PaaS & IaaS Explained

August 21 2017

There has been a seismic change in the way IT is delivered over the past decade – and the hype about our continued move to “the Cloud” seems to continue unabated.

What does it all mean?


Comparing the Advantages with the Pitfalls of BYOD

August 14 2017

Research from Gartner has shown that 39% of employees surveyed rely on personally owned mobile devices in the workplace. Use of corporate owned devices was minor in comparison – just 10%.

We compare the advantages of BYOD against the pitfalls…