People focussed IT support

Based in Edinburgh, our people-centred approach has made us a successful IT business for nearly two decades.

And, thanks to our financial independence, that's the way it will continue - so you can relax knowing we'll still be here tomorrow to support you, your people and your technology.

Why choose Grant McGregor?


Your business is our business. We work as part of your team. Our dedicated and qualified team make your priorities top of our agenda - that's just who we are.

Whether you are looking to augment existing IT support, have a particular project in mind or want us to manage your entire infrastructure, we work around you. And no matter the level of support you require, we put every energy into making sure that it meets your requirements, makes you more secure, and increases your productivity.

It's all in the name


Not to be confused with a single person, Grant McGregor takes the maiden names of its two founding directors mothers'.

For over 20 years we have built a company around good, old fashioned family values - trust, respect and love. We love our team just as much as we love our customers. That's why we know our dedicated technicians will do everything they can to ensure your success.

Plain English


The problem with IT is that it is often shrouded in jargon and obscured by its own mythology. We've never believed this should be the case. We've always sought to speak in non-technical, plain English. No techno-ese. No mumbo jumbo. We want you to understand what we plan to do so that you can measure our success - openly and transparently.

Meaning you'll always be able to see exactly how well our actions are making a difference to your business.

Discover the Grant McGregor Difference for Yourself

We're a company who cares. Find out what difference that can make to your business by grabbing a coffee with us (our treat - we might even let you order a slice of cake).

Grab your meeting below and tell us how we can make a difference to your day.