GFI Events Manager

GFI Events Manager

Event Log Monitoring and Management made easy



  • Centralised Event log management tool
  • Highly refined compliance reports
  • Specific in built reports PCI, CoCo etc.
  • Analysis of various event log types
  • Fast and easy access to data from events
  • Proactively helps detect critical IT events


Download a free trialFeatures of Product

  • Integrates Syslog, W3C, Windows events, SQL Server audits and SNMP Traps generated by firewalls, servers, routers, SQL Server systems, switches, phone systems, PCs and more
  • Increase network uptime and recognise difficulties through real-time alerts and dashboard
  • Get fast and cost-effective monitoring and management of the entire network
  • It offers excellent event scanning performance scalable to over six million events per hour
  • It offers GFI LanGuard and GFI Endpoint Security event data integration
  • It is certified for Windows Server 2008; Supports Windows Vista and Windows 7


With GFI EventsManager you can monitor and manage your event logs automatically and centrally. The huge volume of system event logs generated daily is of growing importance to organisations. It is especially important to Organisations which have to keep data for compliance reasons.

It is vital to perform real-time network-wide event log monitoring, analysis and reporting to address any incidents or security concerns and combat threats to business continuity.

GFI EventsManager® supports with this enormous task by automatically and centrally monitoring and managing event logs – supporting a wide range event types generated both by applications and devices from top vendors as well as for custom ones.


Key Benefits of GFI EventsManager

  • Centralised Event logging – Event logs are constantly and automatically generated by a user or by an automatic or background process
  • Highly refined compliance reports on the thousands of Security events in your network. EventsManager has specific in built reports in the management system related to PCI, SOX and COCO CESG
  • Analysis of event logs including Windows event logs, SMTP traps, W3C logs, SQL Server and Oracle audit logs and Syslog
  • The GFI EventsManager dashboard includes a number of filtering-enabled charts to provide administrators with fast and easy access to the data they need from the thousands of events which happen daily in the Network.
  • Proactively helps to detect which events will lead to disaster, such as potential hardware failures.


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