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WhatsUp Whats Connected

WhatsUp Gold – Whats Connected

Catalogue and document your network anytime, anywhere…

WhatsConnected Network Diagram Software – Layer 2 and Layer 3 Discovery and Network Mapping


  • Whats Up Gold logoSave time & avoid repetitive tasks.
  • Know exactly what’s on your network.
  • Stay ahead of network changes.
  • Minimise downtime. Manage assets and inventory.
  • Simplify network management.
  • Accurate reporting.
  • Find hidden or unused IT assets.


Features of Product

  • Download a free trialLayer 2/3 Network Discovery
  • Discover (Layer 2/3) and map what’s on your network and keep track of changes as it evolves
  • Automatically assign roles to devices based on intelligent matching against pre-set templates and attributes
  • Automatically deploy and start active, passive or performance monitors based on assigned roles and attributes
  • Start, stop, manage & schedule the discovery process both from the Windows console and the WhatsUp Gold web portal
  • Retain the flexibility to make changes to any role or monitoring profile at any time or create new profiles as required


WhatsConnected is a cost-effective Layer 2/3 discovery, mapping, inventory, and IT asset reporting solution.

Use Whats Connected to automatically discover, map, inventory and document your network (devices, servers, workstations, virtual resources, hardware, and software assets) and port-to-port connectivity in just minutes.

WhatsConnected and WhatsUp Gold – WhatsUpGold is a complete IT management solution with Layer 2/3 discovery and mapping and IT asset reporting capabilities fully integrated into its web-based workspace.

WhatsConnected is a standalone Layer 2/3 discovery and mapping and IT asset reporting solution. WhatsConnected’s topology maps and inventory data can be exported to WhatsUp Gold.

Learn more about the differences in Whats Connected’s and WhatsUp Gold’s discovery and mapping capabilities and how the solutions can complement one another…

Key Benefits of WhatsUp Whats Connected

  • Layer 2 and Layer 3 Discovery and Network Mapping Software
  • Receive email alerts on missing or added devices and network topology changes, you’ll know immediately when your network changes.
  • Exporting of your network maps to .PDF format, a view that cannot be altered by the reader and is great for distribution to your team.
  • Ability to scan for and display port duplex settings to determine if ports are configured correctly. Now you can easily refer back to this information when troubleshooting connectivity issues.
  • Ability to keep older versions of the Discovery file for historical purposes, and you can also specify how many older versions to keep.

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