Discover how Proofpoint could be the email security solution you were looking for all along…

“Proofpoint proved to be a real game changer…”

When we’re online using email, our business networks and data are constantly exposed to cyber threats as hackers attempt to find vulnerabilities to exploit – like opportunistic rats!

Having effective layered defences in place is crucial to keep your network secure from evolving cyber threats. Anti-virus alone may once have been sufficient, but this is no longer the case.

After meticulously trying and testing the industry’s leading email security platforms here at Grant McGregor, Proofpoint has literally proved to be a game changer… …here’s why:

– Comprehensive 12-step check where each email is systematically scanned and consequently approved, blocked, delivered or quarantined.

– All email is successfully processed through these 12 steps in a proven, completion time of 60 seconds or less.

– URL & Attachment Checking – 80% of malicious URLs were found to be legitimate websites hacked by cyber criminals.

– Proofpoint also offers robust social media account protection.

– Flexibility with no minimum spend or numbers of mailboxes – great news for smaller to medium-sized businesses.

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