IT Consultancy

IT Consultancy

IT consultancyLooking to improve your IT systems but unsure whose advice to trust?

Need to update your IT systems, improve reliability, productivity or to better secure and protect your computer network? Want to work with someone you can understand and trust to deliver the results you need without having to learn ‘Jargonese’?

In these days of austerity, most businesses and organisations want to make their IT work smarter for them and to ensure it works reliably. You may feel that some key parts of your systems need to be updated or you’d like to exploit technologies such as SharePoint or cloud services?

If you’re looking for genuinely objective, appropriate and jargon-free IT advice for your business, then we have a proven and successful IT consultancy approach…

We’re all ears…

Our IT Systems Consultants listen carefully and advise appropriately; it’s surprising how unique that is!

To help you to transform your business and get your work done efficiently, our experienced IT consultants will come and listen to your needs with open ears and an open mind. That’s because we know we have to understand not just your existing IT but your organisation and its goals before we can recommend any way forward with your IT.

To ensure you receive appropriate advice that’s right for you, our proven Systems Remediation & Development process has six clear stages: Roughly speaking these include; an IT Systems Appraisal & Recommendations Report, System Monitoring and Analysis, putting solid SLAs in place to protect you, taking any Immediate Remediation action to fix known issues, IT planning and strategy for the longer term and then an ongoing computer systems maintenance plan.

Call us 0131 603 7910 to discover how this process can prove successful for you. We look forward to listening to you.

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Proven IT Planning & Straightforward, Jargon-Free Advice…


IT consultancy Edinburgh ScotlandTo help you reach your broader business goals, we behave as your IT partner. ‘Partner’, ‘Consultant’, what’s the difference? Well, the way we provide computer consultancy, you get honest, unbiased and jargon-free IT advice, so you know exactly what’s going on and where you stand.

If you’d like to work with someone who will really help and not just appear helpful, we’d love to talk. We promise we’ll tell it to you straight and you’ll never be offered any ‘sticking plasters’ for your computer systems; we like to get to the roots of things. And, if you’re unsure whether our advice is right for you, we offer your first consultancy session completely free and without further obligation.

If you’d like to develop a straightforward IT plan without any gibberish that’s actually aligned with your broader business goals then here’s what you should do next…

Request a meeting today for a free, no obligation initial IT Consultation – and discover how our proven IT Planning and Development process can be successful for you!

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