IT Consultancy & Advice

Need to update your IT systems, improve reliability, productivity or to better secure and protect your computer network? Want to work with someone you can understand and trust to deliver the results you need without having to learn 'Jargonese'?

If you're looking for genuinely objective, appropriate and jargon-free IT advice for your business, then we have a proven and successful IT consultancy approach…


IT Analysis and Planning


What exactly is it that you'd like to achieve, and why?

"Why" is the critical part of this question - you see, by fully understanding why you want to achieve something can we provide the answers or solutions that will meet your goals.

IT System Audits and Investigation

When is a system audit not a system audit?

When it's a brief capture of basic information about your system with no analysis of what's been observed, and no action plan for what to do next!

Most companies in the IT world can offer you a System Audit but the devil is in the detail. What's the purpose of the audit? What's the process and effort involved in conducting it? And, perhaps most importantly, what's the valuable output from it?

If it takes some human IT time and effort (and not just some clever auditing software) to speak to your people in order to gather information, then you're getting some value.

And if the output produces some actionable information of real value to you then you've realised the true benefit of an IT Audit.


IT Project Delivery and Augmentation


Businesses struggle to be effective without solid IT infrastructures behind them.

Therefore, from time to time it is important to assess whether or not your technology is still up-to-date, appropriate and fit for purpose.

We understand that this can be a daunting, and time-consuming task. However, by offering you our breadth and depth of IT project delivery experience, Grant McGregor can help you to achieve success. On-time AND on-budget.

So whether you're a business looking to upgrade your business IT, or an IT department looking for some expert help or project augmentation, we have the credentials and expertise to help


System Audits & Appraisal

Examination of your existing system design and configuration with suitable recommendations where required.


Strategic ICT Developments

Review of and planning for specific ICT requirements aligned to your business objectives.



Security Auditing, Solutions & Protection

Solutions for augmenting your systems security from encryption to security patch management.


Network Upgrades and New System Installations

Our professional design & configuration services ensure that your system is set up correctly, first-time.


Disaster Recovery Planning and Testing

Design of and testing realistic, effective disaster recovery plans and solutions.


Equipment Specification & Supply

When looking for new IT hardware & software, we specify the most appropriate IT items and save you money.

If you want the kind of carefully considered, expert advice that will ensure your IT investments align with your broader priorities and goals, then invest just an hour with us.

It's free. Plus you'll learn first-hand if you feel our advice is the sort you can trust.
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