Your current IT Security layers still don’t sufficiently address your weakest link: YOUR EMPLOYEES…

Create and maintain a strong Human Firewall to help secure your organisation!

All it takes is one or two clicks by an employee to infect their workstation; allow hackers in; cause a ransomware attack; an expensive data breach; or worse, a cyber heist.

How can you protect yourself today?

GM Cyber Aware – Cybersecurity Awareness Training & Testing for Staff.

Ongoing cybersecurity awareness training and testing will ensure you create a strong and attentive ‘human firewall’ to add further protection to your valuable data and systems.

Your employees will get comprehensive security awareness training that arms them against hackers’ social engineering tricks using actual attacks and live demonstration examples.

Do nothing – and run the grave risks – or start training and testing your employees today!

Ensure all of your Employees stay Cyber Aware with our ongoing Security Awareness Training & Testing service.

Request Service Details and Rates for GM Cyber Aware today

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