5 Steps to Better Value IT

5 Steps to Better Value IT

“Better the devil you know??”

Are you putting up with a less than satisfactory situation with average IT service performance and poor value for money?

It’s an all too common approach when people fear ‘jumping out of the frying pan’ but you don’t have to stick with the status quo…


5 Steps to Getting Better IT Support Service SLA

5 Steps to Ensure You Get Excellent Service From Your IT Company And Get Your Money’s Worth…


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Can you feel great service, touch it or see it?

Certainly we can perhaps all agree that it’s something you experience in a positive or negative way. You know it straight away when you get good or poor service when buying coffee or food, or flying with an airline.

So why is it that people seem to just put up with average or even poor IT support service?

New customers often tell me that their previous IT support company took ages to get back to them, not just when fixing the problem but also when keeping them updated.  But their conclusion was that the support they received was still ok, just not great! The common reason for sticking with them was that they were afraid another IT company might not be any better!

It’s clear that some Service providers are far from transparent when it comes to offering (and delivering against) Service Level Agreements for their services. That means anything but good value for YOUR money!

This is particularly true in the world of IT it seems…


Get your hands on this 5 Step guide and you’ll quickly discover:

  • How to assess and measure the service you’re getting.
  • How to judge what IT your organisation needs now.
  • Whether you’re getting good value for your money on IT.
  • How to get a better match to your IT requirements.
  • Why a ‘better-the-devil-you-know’ approach can fail you.


This plain-English guide provides some practical help and ways to upgrade your IT service provision (or your IT service provider!) to ensure you don’t suffer from poor or mediocre IT service.

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